Beauty: Shavata Brow Tint and Shape Review

What is it about going on holiday that makes it so difficult to get back to your normal life? Two weeks of sun, sea and er, sleep (settle down: this isn't Fifty Shades of Grey, you know!) have somehow rendered me incapable of doing little more than wafting between work and home with the occasional stop-off for dinner somewhere delicious. It was my first two week summer holiday in years and the stress has been well and truly blitzed: hurrah to that!

Anyway, on to matters beauty, which is what I assume you're here for :) Last week, after a particularly brain-numbing meeting, after which it was clear that only something beautifying would soothe me, I wandered by House of Fraser on Oxford Street and spied the Shavata concession in its new spot by the window. I've been toying with tinting my brows for months, but given that I could lay my hands on nothing lighter than dark brown, I felt it was a task best left to the professionals. So, in I went!

The staff, as you'd expect, have immaculate brows, and I felt confident that they'd pay heed to my desire to keep my brows looking slightly fuller than the usual emaciated caterpillar that certain brow bars leave me with (*cough* *cough* Benito). The whole tinting and threading process took no more than 20 minutes, was pretty much pain-free, and although I thought they looked a little intense to start with, I'm completely delighted with the result. What do you think?

Excuse the serious face: I still wasn't quite sure how much I liked them when I took this!!

A shape and tint costs £30, and you can find your nearest counter here.

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