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Apologies in advance, but this is a slightly gratuitous selection of makeup. Two of my very favourite people - Hannah and Maria - thought that my 30th birthday present couldn't be anything other than makeup, and boy, did they spoil me. Maria's weapon of choice was Nars - a brand I always find myself cooing over but one I've only ever bought foundation and lip colour from. Hannah surprised me yesterday with a trip to the Chanel pop up store in Covent Garden, where I had a manicure (my nails are in autumn colours: Frenzy to be precise), my makeup done by one of the artists and £45 to spend. I loved what was done so much that I spent an additional £50 to get my favourite things, and believe me, I could've spent more!

So, for your viewing pleasure, here are my birthday makeup treats. I've never had this many boxes all at once, and looking at it all lined up makes me feel very lucky indeed!

The beauty haul (see what I did there?) in all it's resplendent glory.

The compacts. Nars American Dream eyeshadow palette and Chanel bronzing power in Desert Coral

From left to right: Nars American Dream, Chanel Safari and Ivory

How beautiful are these colours? I can't wait to do a smokey eye with these shades. This is also my first Nars compact and I can't stop touching it: the rubberized packaging is divine.

Next, the Chanel monos. I was stunned at how beautiful the two looked together. The artist washed Ivory all over the lid and put Safari along the lashline from about half way across my eye and up through the crease about the same distance, then blended out. It's such a stunning day look, and one I'll be testing in the office tomorrow.

Now for the essence of luxe packaging. Hannah rightly noted that this bad boy is exactly what you want to pull out for touch-ups on the go!

This is perhaps the stand out product of the lot for me: the Chanel bronzing powder in Desert Coral. I asked the artist to concentrate on contouring if possible, as being very pale, I can never find a powder light enough to look natural. This is absolutely *perfect*, and has single-handedly revived my passion for Chanel makeup. Love the beautiful sand-scape on the powder, too.

A change from my usual black eyeliner: Chanel's Berry Precision Eye Definer.

There's a tiny bit of shimmer to really enhance the rich plum shade.

Moving on to nails with Nars' Storm Bird nail varnish. I adore the colour (it looks much more shiny on) but am sadly struggling with the texture. Three coats before it's opaque and it feels a little chalky. I'll persevere as it's too beautiful not to!

The final product has slipped very easily into daily use already: Nars' Velvet Gloss lip pencil in New Lover. This is a perfect natural, everyday pink and lasts really well, with all the shine of a gloss and none of the goop. I was stunned that this kind of texture could come from a pencil, and it's so handy to toss into your handbag. I anticipate many more purchases in various shades!

There are a few more skin products but these are the prettiest to behold. Thank you, girls, for making this a very beautiful birthday!

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  1. What lovely friends you have!

    Chanel's bronzer compact is one of the few products I buy again and again! Followed :)



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