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One of my guilty pleasures in life is to read old etiquette books. I'm in no way a traditionalist, but something about etiquette and social conventions fascinates me. There's something quite lovely about the idea of dressing up for dinner at home, sending invitations for friends to come to dinner and generally being a lot more respectful and courteous than is so often the case in our society. That said, when I arrive home from work at 7pm, I tend to want to remove my makeup and slip into something comfy rather than touch up my face and wear a dress for dinner!

Wondering what examples of modern etiquette are out there, I stumbled across The Rules: an illustrated guide to modern etiquette which has some brilliantly illustrated examples of very modern problems. Can you relate to any of these situations?

All courtesy of good.is
There's also the fantastic Pug's Guide to Etiquette by Gemma Correll.

Is etiquette an outdated concept or are there certain standards you strive to live up to?

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