Style: White Jeans

White jeans. It's almost an oxymoron. You start off with a functional fabric, designed to be hard-wearing and ready for anything, and then dye it the most impractical of colours. White jeans speak of tans, glossy salon blow dries, long champagne-fuelled lunches and taxis everywhere. In short, not something that fits well with the 9-5.

Yet like so many things in life, when a boy expresses a preference, it suddenly becomes an intriguing concept! This is what happened this week with white jeans. I'm not convinced I'll ever be the type to pull them off, so in an attempt to style them up so that I might be, I've arrived at something so 80s and so man-repellant, that I've entirely defeated my starting point for exploring the idea.

That said, I would add this little lot to my net-a-porter basket faster than you can say 'Liz Hurley'.

Clockwise from top left:

1. LOT78 'Hello' t-shirt - £75
2. J Crew 'Darling' cashmere sweater - £265
3. Acne mid-rise white jeans - £170
4. Fiorentini & Baker Nubis boots - £368
5. Pierre Hardy clutch - £125
6. T by Alexander Wang leather bralette - £288

So, how about you? Do you love or hate white jeans?

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