Life: A Quiet Mind

After a blissfully happy weekend that began with spending time with friends (and eating some very good cake), and is ending with yoga, a long walk and an overwhelming sense of quiet contentment, it's wonderful to feel like I've finally achieved my goal of a quiet mind. The things that I used to think and worry about are gone, and I realised just how far I've come. Yoga and meditation have played a huge part in this process, and have enabled me to remove everything toxic from my life and just enjoy being. I've grown stronger mentally and physically, removed all the pressures that I never realised I put myself under and life has just started to flow, which is something I'm enjoying very much.

Mind, Body, Green featured a really interesting piece on things to do if you want to be happy, and the list at the end of the article really resonated with me. Over the past two years, I've managed to incorporate each one of these things into my life and I feel infinitely better for it. If you're looking for a little more peace in your life, give the following a go and see how much it improves your outlook. 

  • Recognise your unique self
  • Let go of what no longer serves you
  • Love yourself and get comfortable in your own skin
  • Be open-minded
  • Feel your feelings
  • Focus on what you want, not on what you don't want
  • Release attachments
  • Practice forgiveness
  • Follow your heart
  • Stop engaging in drama
This list may sound a little selfish but by tackling what's inside, everything outside seems to magically follow. 

"When you are discontent, you always want more, more, more. Your desire can never be satisfied. But when you practice contentment, you can say to yourself, 'Oh yes - I already have everything that I really need." Dalai Lama

It's for all the reasons above that I've decided to take a bit of a break from blogging to just enjoy what's happening now. I love the products I'm using (in which almond oil plays a starring role as cleanser, moisturising and deep conditioning hair treatment) so I don't want to disrupt that by trialling tonnes of new products. My makeup is a happy parade of neutrals and I've stopped spending half my salary on new clothes and am instead focusing on the healthy body that's inside them. I feel like there's less of a place for 'things' now, so there's less for me to talk to you about here.

I may be back at some point, but for now, I'm happy to report that my evenings will no longer be spent on editing photos and drafting blog posts way into the small hours, and will instead be about good food, friends, yoga, and plenty of relaxation which is just what this 30 year old wants from her life.Thank you for reading, contributing, and making my blogging years very happy. Maybe see you again one day.

x Rachel x

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  1. I'm so happy for you that you've found contentment! If you feel a need to fire up your blog again i'll be glad to see it! Be well x x x


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