You may have noticed we've been a little light on content over at The Beauty Hall recently and it's pretty much all down to one product. This product contains one ingredient, and it's performs multiple duties as my cleanser, moisturiser (face and body), deep conditioning hair treatment and nail strengthener. In finding this wondrous creation, I have realised that my blogging future looks pretty grim, but I also feel like the search is over. My skin is glowing and clear (and the sneaky little lines I'd seen appearing have vanished), my hair can now be left to dry naturally without frizzing into oblivion, my nails are long, strong, split free and are growing like wild mint, and the keratosis pilaris on the tops of my arms (the little red bumps to you and me) have disappeared without a trace.

You're probably wondering what the product is, aren't you? Well, it 

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