Have a wonderful weekend

Taking inspiration from one of my favourite bloggers, Joanna Goddard, I'm going to endeavour to write a weekly link list to share what I've loved from the web this week.

This weekend I'm going to a knitting and sewing show with a friend (she's the expert, and I'm hoping I pick up some tips so I can build on my sewing experience), having my autumn permanent blow dry and going for a Sisley facial (a brand I've wanted to get up close with for a long time - thanks, Mum!) What are your plans? Whatever you're up to, have a wonderful time!

How to get rid of cellulite (hint: creams don't work!) 

The facial massage technique I have been using for the past seven days. My stressed-out chops have already registered an improvement

Lovely Milly of Pearls and Poodles has created her own lip gloss with Illamasqua

Finding out you have been using the wrong saying by seeing the right one on a tote bag (*this*, kids, is how you know you're old, and that you shouldn't be using the saying at all)

The Guardian's top ten romantic films

My favourite new Twitter account - Bang and Olufsen as you've never seen them before...

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