Beauty: Sweet Almond Oil

Crumbs, I'm having some serious blogging issues at the moment. One minute I want to write, the next thing I'm writing myself out of writing, and then today, I find myself standing in Boots, eyes glazed, swatching everything in reach whilst my brain prances about in my head singing 'GIVE IN! YOU LOVE MAKE UP!'

It's true, I do.

My previous two posts, all questions, concern and confusion, proclaiming 'why am I writing here?! What's my purpose'; were the Angela Chase of blog posts (for those of you under 30, it's what Claire Danes did pre-Homeland. If you're in your teens, watch it and finally feel as though somebody understands you. Or just drool over Jordan Catalano; there's no judgement here).

Anyway, today's mood is simple: I am following my wise and powerful internal monologue which decrees, 'go forth and purchase makeup!' Hey brain, no need to shout. I'm on it, ok?

In the meantime, I can't say I'm entirely derailed from my slightly hippy mood of the previous two weeks, and that's because my skincare routine is now almost entirely oil-based. Oil for cleansing, oil for body moisturising and oil for my night time face massage, and one in particular: sweet almond oil is where it all started. I've been using this on my body for about 12 months and I can say, hand on heart, that no body moisturiser has ever come close to it. It delivers velvet-smooth skin in a few days, and I make sure that my supply never comes close to running low.

Now, you will already have concluded that this ain't no high end purchase. Never have I seen a svelte, blow dried young thing trot into Selfridges' beauty hall on her Manolos to request a litre of oil. But then that's possibly because they don't sell it (somebody's missing a trick, I tell you). The 500ml bottle above came to the grand total of £11.26 but I've since discovered an online stockist (link!) which sells a litre of this cold pressed elixir for £6.99. We all know that things don't need to be expensive to perform well, but I won't be surprised if you need a little convincing to add a giant plastic bottle of oil to your beauty routine (focus on the soft skin I mentioned above). If the utilitarianism troubles you, you have my permission to buy a cute bottle and add in a few drops of your favourite essential oils. Lavender and lemon, anyone? After you get creative with scent, you'll probably still have spent less than an equivalent volume of your usual body moisturiser. Try here for some blending inspiration.

The biggest perk? For years I've suffered with keratosis pilaris: annoying little red bumps on the upper arms that aren't painful, just not especially cute. Since the almond oil, they have all but disappeared. Much better than the £40 AHA body cream that promised to banish them and failed to deliver.

I'll be blogging more about my experience with oils soon. I have so many to share with you, all of which have their own fantastic properties. Plus if you ever run out of something to dress your salad with, there's always something within reach...


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  1. Sweet almond oil is one of those products I've used since birth. Literally, my mum used to use it on me as a baby! Haha!

    - Elodie x



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