Craft: Painted Eggs

I'm looking out of the window at the falling snow and feeling very satisfied that my day involves nothing more challenging than relaxing and staying cosy under my favourite knitted blanket. These weekend snow days feel so decadent!

Although the weather doesn't feel much like spring, easter is just around the corner. My plans involve an annual road trip for a friend's birthday, and preparing for this relatively new tradition made me think of some old ones: notably, painting eggs when I was little. This was one of my favourite things to do, and I'd spend hours focused on painting the perfect face, my name, some flowers or anything else that inspired me. It's a great activity for kids, but a search on Pinterest turned up some ideas that I may be tempted to try out...

How amazing are these Lichtenstein-inspired eggs? I'm not sure any attempts I make will turn out so well, but they'd certainly be fun to try. You could use any artist as inspiration - maybe a bit of Mark Rothko for an easier start!


I love these chalkboard painted eggs, and am already thinking of planning a dinner party just so I can use them as place markers. These would be great to make with children as you need fewer eggs for unlimited designs. Throw in some different coloured chalk and the possibilities are endless.


Finally, I think these moustache eggs are so fun. I'm going to scribble a few of these onto boiled eggs in the morning next time I have friends over to stay and see who's awake enough to notice!

Are you tempted to try any of these out?

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