Style: The Shoe I Can't Forget

Two years ago. It was like any other average weekday in London. After work, I decided to pop into Zara before heading home via Bond Street tube. I wandered around until my eyes fell upon the most beautiful black suede shoes. They were so elegant, so unlike anything else I'd seen with their deep cutaways on either side that I had to try them. I slipped out of my ballet flats and onto those wonderful arches, yet when they were on, I felt the cutaway was too severe, and disheartened, I put them back onto the shelf and after a wistful glance back, I made my way home.

In the weeks that followed, the shoes appeared on all of my favourite style blogs, and my heart leapt at their beauty again. They looked just the same as they had on me, and I resolved to track down a pair. But as we all know, the cocktail of a beautiful, affordable shoe on the foot of a world-renowned fashion blogger equals just one thing: total sell out.

To this day, I still have pangs of regret that I don't own those shoes. Even if I'd never worn them (which I would have), they could simply have been a thing to admire. Until that day that they appear on ebay for anything less than double, and sometimes triple the price, I'll have to content myself with those fleeting moments that shoe and shoe lover were one.

Do you have a similar story? Which item do you regret missing out on?

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