Life: Creating Space

I don't know about you, but over the past few years, I have so often been guilty of criticising myself for the things I've neglected, left undone or just plain forgotten. A much-needed night spent quietly at home somehow becomes a missed opportunity for doing something constructive, seeing friends or even blogging (generally the first thing to be neglected!), and it's soon apparent that there is no peace in anything.

Recently, however, I've found that I've been able to completely let myself off the hook for the choices I make, and in so doing, I've opened up space for the kind of peace and contentment that I can't ever remember feeling: it's fantastic!

This feeling has coincided with discovering the wonderful Tara Stiles, otherwise known as the 'Yoga Rebel'. My yoga practice has never advanced especially far, and I have been one of the many people who've tried every branch of yoga yet never quite found anything that delivers on the promise of calmness of spirit combined with perfect posture. Tara's approach is to go only where your body allows you, using your breath to create a little more space with each exhale. After four days of practice with Tara's videos, my breathing and heartbeat have slowed at the same rate that my overwhelming sense of calm has increased. My arms are showing new definition, and I'm managing to get into postures I never thought possible, all because the pressure to create the 'picture of the pose' has been removed. I read a wonderful passage on Tara's blog where she explained that when we achieve something with the help of somebody else, we often want to give them all the credit when really, we've always been capable of the change on our own. It's reminded me that my capacity to enjoy my life is all within me, and that adding unnecessary pressures and focusing on the negatives doesn't achieve anything. From now on, if it makes me happy, it's the right thing to do!

How do you create space in your life?

You can read more about Tara (and see her videos) here.

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