Review: Daniel Hersheson Permanent Blow Dry

Now, I know we've only just met, but I am going to let you into a little secret: my hair is a nightmare. All my life I have hidden from humidity, wailed at wet weather, cursed my colour and felt down right sickened by split ends (but 10 points for alliteration!)

Since starting secondary schools, I have become an expert at taming my unruly, frizzy curls into something approaching straight, but not always the sleek and shiny mane I longed for. And no, I couldn't even coax my curls into anything close to appropriate daywear without first blowing my hair straight and then deploying a curling tongue. I mean, can you imagine?

So, high school horrors behind me, when I first read about the Permanent Blow Dry (PBD), my interest was definitely piqued. Three months with hair that stays straight even after a torrential downpour, and aimed solely at us poor girlies bearing the weight of our thick, frizzy mops? It had to be seen to be believed.

I searched all over for reviews and couldn't find many, and I'm assuming the PBD has something akin to celebrity Botox status, leaving the newly lustrous ladies to claim that's how their hair always was. Not me: I want to shout about it from the rooftops. THIS TREATMENT WORKS!

I am on my third blow dry and the every-three-months prediction is spot of for me, and boy, what a three months. Starting from £205, the delightful folks at the Conduit St and Harvey Nicks (Knightsbridge) salons will tame you into the Timotei goddess you always knew was lurking inside. You need a quick consultation (really, this treatment only works on thick, coarse hair, so those of you looking for long term straightening without the taming element required, look to the Yuko system), and then your hair is washed and coated in a delicious, caramel scented conditioner which nourishes your hair while straightening. To those of you who tried chemical straightening back in the day (I still remember my hair snapping as they peeled the boards off my frazzled frizz...), this will seem impossible, but apparently, miracles happen! Your hair is then blow dried and straightened in small sections, and then you see it: shiny, silky, straight, and not a frizzy in sight. You are issued with three small commandments: don't get your hair wet for three days, don't tie your hair back, and avoid touching it. After three days of sporting your salon perfect blow dry - or as I call it, Gremlin Hair (don't get them wet, feed them after midnight blah blah...) you wash it out and start your new life as a glossy gal. Even more perfectly, the treatment fades out, it doesn't grow out, meaning that you don't have the nasty mis-match of frizzy roots and sleek ends. Genius.

For those of you not in London, fear not. I know that the Trevor Sorbie salons offer a similar treatment (outside of London, they have salons in my native Manchester and Brighton) and anything branded as a 'Brazilian Blow Dry' will likely be the same sort of thing. Non-UK residents should look out for the Brazilian Blow Dry (for those of you in Brazil, I'm guessing it might just be called a Blow Dry!)

My most recent PBD was at Conduit Street with Claire and all in all, it gets a stonking 10/10 as an absolutely essential process for me!

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