Testing: Haircare colour defence ranges

Since recently returning to blonde from brunette - I'm naturally somewhere in between - I have finally started to believe the hype about colour defence shampoo and conditioners. So, in the spirit of your average, hard working blogger, I am going to test shampoos and conditioners for the many of us out there for whom collars and cuffs don't match (cheeky). Although a big fan of Kerastase, I am going to test affordable, widely available products, as we all like a cheap hero product!

The first product is blonde-specific but I quickly move on to a generic colour guard. Read on!

1. Trevor Sorbie - Ice Cool Platinum shampoo and conditioner

This product looked so promising after the first wash but really didn't suit my naturally dry hair. After four washes, my hair was dry and dull - definitely not what I wanted from my colour preserver! As I have naturally very dry hair, I wouldn't rule this out for everyone, as I'm sure it's fine on a stronger hair type. For me though, it lacked the essential moisture I need in an everyday product. I'm pleased I bought the trial products, as I won't be going back to this.

2. Elvive Colour Protect

First wash today and I love, love, love it. It smells great and has left my hair bouncy and shiny (not over the top volume, but it's very swishy, which is a definite bonus). This product works on all colours so if I get bored with my colour, I won't have to restock! And that happens...

Definitely happy with the Elvive so far, but I'll update next week!

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