Skincare: Armani Crema Nera

Source: Armani

So, after all the hassle of moving house, I pretty much forgot about my luxe dream cream - Armani's sumptuous Crema Nera (CN). I figured that with all the chaos of living in a house filled with boxes, nothing could keep stressed-out skin at bay, so I placed it back in it's decadently gorgeous black case, waiting for days when order returned.

And so that day came. I had a bit of time spare before I went to the office today and decided to revisit my old love, and all of a sudden, I was back in the first flushes of our romance. I want to hate this cream. It's £250 for a start - the kind of price tag that had even my die-hard beauty chums shrieking. But the problem is, it works. I applied it to skin that's been slumming it on the Sanctuary's pro-collagen night cream and it's companion day cream (this is in no was a put down as I love this product. Just that it's a fraction of the price of CN!) and my skin got the glow that looks like it comes from way deep within: imagine how you'd look if you were madly in love, just back from a month long paradise holiday and found you had the winning lottery ticket. I look glowly, healthy and like I have the best genes in history. Working 10hr days, eating sporadically and not having the best genes ensures that I damn well wasn't born with it, but anyone who says you can't find happiness at the bottom of a pot of cream is lying. It's an evil recommendation, but this product can't be beaten.

I've used the product for 6 months and saw a significant improvement in my skin tone and texture (altogether more even and smooth). It was more radiant, plumper, and looked like the kind of skin you'd pay your dermatologist a hefty sum to achieve. So save your pocket money, ladies, coat your skin in this heavenly concoction, close your eyes and dream away to the island where your cream was born. Perfection.

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