Haircare: Rituals

Crazy angle but check that shine!

As someone with natural dry hair that has been chemically treated and coloured within an inch of its life since the tender age of 15 (scarily some 12 years ago *shudder*), I know my way around haircare products. I have tried every high end salon brand, every high street chemist product and even whipped up a few homemade treats in between, all in pursuit of my nirvana: glossy, healthy hair. Two weeks ago, I bought a product that has turned out to be the best conditioner I have ever used, and it cost £8.90. Considering I regularly drop £30 on good conditioner, this makes me very, very happy indeed.

After Tresemme and Elvive went postal on my hair (Elvive is explained above, and I can't even bear to write about Tresemme yet!), I spent a full weekend with olive oil on my head. Yes, I came home on the Friday, slapped it on, and didn’t wash it off until Sunday night: and no, my boyfriend doesn’t think I look sexy with a greased-up head that was occasionally wrapped in cling film! It gave my hair the usual boost, but I knew there was a long road to recovery ahead. Two days later, I found myself with some time to kill at St Pancras station where I went into Rituals, one of my favourite bath and body product stores. Everything’s natural, but seems much more luxe than your average ‘green tubes and minimal packaging’ brand. 'What the hell?' I thought, and decided to take a punt on their hair care range.

The assistant recommended Shikakai Secret nourishing conditioner, a product so divinely scented that you’re immediately transported to tropical shores (just keep your eyes closed, otherwise you’re just in your bathroom with a nice smell pervading!) I got it home and slapped it on for a couple of hours, then lo and behold: hello, Glossy! Two weeks later, I am still applying this a few hours before I bathe, enjoying the glorious smell and then twisting my silky hair through my fingers for the following days until it’s rewashed. I’ve also used it for just 2 mins in the shower (without the pre-application) and it’s still as good.

As I said, I have used every single high end brand (with the exception of Fekkai so far), and this is by far the most incredible, quick turnaround product I’ve ever used! Buy, buy, buy!!

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