Makeup: Maybelline's The Falsies

Source: Maybelline

In my little beauty land, this equates to breaking news: I am going to re-purchase Maybelline's The Falsies mascara. This is significant because I have no loyalty when it comes to mascara. As soon as I spy a new product promising whatever-percentage volume increase, thickening, length and all kinds of wonderful things I never knew my lashes needed, the product I was using goes into my 'occassional use' basket, never to be resurrected again. But things have changed: I have actually managed to run out of The Falsies, and have no back up product to tuck into. This is very surprising for me. It also seems that I have binned all the others in what was evidently some empassioned declaration of love to my new found mascara-bestie. Weird.
So, why the newfound mascara-monogamy? It gives me long, volumised, glossy black lashes, and the curved brush manages to keep those pesky clumps at bay, no matter how many coats I apply: I like a good three coats for extra length. In short, I love this mascara!

Most likely I'll still buy whatever new mascaras are in Boots today (surely a mascara that cooks for you is an innovation that's only a matter of weeks away...) but I will also definitely be picking up another tube of The Falsies. It feels nice to finally have settled down and found my perfect mascara. I guess this is the beauty equivalent of being a 'smug married'!
I've already done my makeup for today (see below) but I will post some shots of my eyes with and without the mascara so you can see for yourselves. And I promise that, unlike the adverts, they will be filmed without lash inserts, and not enhanced in post-production...

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