Best At-Home Facial!

I am having a love/hate/love relationship with one of the skincare products that I purchased recently. The reason that 'hate' is sandwiched between two 'loves' is because my one problem with it is also the thing that shows me it's working, and making me stick with it. You guessed it: it's Bliss Steep Clean (don't worry if you didn't guess: there's no punishment attached!)

Bliss Steep Clean weekly face treatment is amazing. It cleanses my skin better than facials that have cost me £90. I have mentioned that I have some stubborn blackheads, and with yesterday's second use of this product, they are on their way deep into my memory, never to be seen again. Yet this morning, I woke up with six spots around my chin and one near my eyebrow, and I never get such breakouts (I get the odd spot now again, but nothing like this). This suggests two possibilities: that my skin is a vile mess and that Bliss Steep Clean is systematically purging it of all its vileness, crucifix in hand, dowsing those pesky blackheads with holy water and shouting 'THE POWER OF BLISS COMPELLS YOU!'; OR, my skin just doesn't like it. I am praying it's the former and waiting to see what next week brings.

So, as I am going to my cousin's wedding on Saturday, I need my skin to look perfect and so I have taken some serious action against the offending blemishes. This brings me on to what appears to be the finest combination of at-home facial products I have ever stumbled across.

I steamed my face and slapped on a sachet of
Mudd's deep cleansing mask. At 99p per sachet, this is something I have been using since I was a teenager, and I've never been disappointed at its quality when it comes to cleansing and brightening my skin. I always have a sachet of it in the house. After 15 minutes, I used Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish (I promise a post will follow shortly as I am in love with this stuff), before finishing with Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energising Masque. My skin is so bright and so deeply cleansed that I finally have hope that I will be back to normal by Saturday. The spots I had are fast drying out and will now be subjected to a covering of Dermalogica's Overnight Clearing Gel - my all-time favourite congested skin saviour.

As always with skincare, these exact products may not work in the same way for you, but the principles to clear up your skin are the same. First you need to open your pores with steam, use a good cleansing mask (definitely try Mudd for the price), follow with exfoliation to lift the dirt and dead skin cells and then get that much needed moisture back into your skin with a moisturising mask. I really can't fault the Bliss product, but for a cheaper alternative, apply your nomal moisturiser in a slightly thicker layer than normal and relax for ten minutes before rubbing it into your skin and tissuing off the excess. Hopefully your skin will be glowing in no time!

Have you got any clear skin tips to share?

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