New Series: Product Follow-up - Coming soon!

One of the primary reasons for writing this blog is to share my experience of what works, and what doesn't. Like everybody interested in beauty, I try to buy products that will become an essential part of my style arsenal, and minimise those purchases that I use for a couple of weeks and then consign to the back of my cupboard, never to be seen again.

The aim of this little section is to pick up on the products I raved about when I first got them, and to let you know how they're performing a month down the line. I plan to write a couple of lines on whether I'm still using the product, what effects I've seen, and whether I would repurchase. I don't believe that the first few uses of a product are indicative of how it will perform with continued use. Hopefully this series will help you decipher the hero products from the zeroes :)

As much of what I've written about here are new buys, I will be giving a full update in a couple of weeks time on this month's winners and losers: stay tuned!

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