This week's likes and dislikes

As I am meant to be busy writing a very important something for work which has a 12pm deadline, I am instead writing a less important something here. Ugh, I have serious writers' block and need to work it out!

So, here are my likes and dislikes for the week:


- My new Liz Earle Eye Try-Me kit. It's early days but so far I am love, love, loving it. More on this later.
- Wintery food. It's not technically cold here in London, but it's certainly chillier than it was. So far this week, I've made delicious casseroles and yummy soups for quiet evenings in, which the boyfriend and I have eaten whilst snuggled up on the sofa watching...
- Gossip Girl! My boyfriend had never watched it as of a few weeks ago and suggested we crack open my box set of the first series. He then had us watch the entire thing back to back and as soon as it finished, he rushed out to buy the second series (when asked if he liked it he'd say, 'yeah, it's ok'. Yeah, right!) It turns out that his best friend, a barrister, is utterly obsessed with it too, so they've been comparing notes on how much they love Chuck Bass. Me too, but I suspect for different reasons :)


- Sex and the City 2. I was busy when my friends went to see it, and they all reported how average it was, but nothing could've prepared me for the horror when we went to see it last night: it was so bad! The characters seemed even more one-dimensional than they normally are and we tried hard to work out whether there was even a plot to the whole thing. My favourite awful scene was Carrie's 'I feel different tonight' which she says whilst applying some black eye liner: oh, you devil! Truly awful!
- The crazy weather! The morning's are complete with rain and gail force winds, then it's bright and warm, then the black clouds are looming! Please explain HOW a girl is meant to dress for such unpredictability?!
- Work. Speaking of which, I better get back to it right now!

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