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I realised this morning that, so far, most of what I've posted has been pretty expensive skin/haircare products that are not always the most accessible things for me to recommend. For that reason, this morning will be dedicated to sharing my beauty essentials that come in at £10 or less: bargainous!

Vaseline Intensive Rescue Moisture Locking Body Lotion for dry and very dry skin - £2.99 for 200ml

Despite, having neither particularly dry or very dry skin, I recently needed an unfragranced body moisturiser, and being the great lover of Vaseline that I am (I am never without a pot), I decided to plump for this product. I expected to use this once and then go back to my usual body oil, but this cream is so rich and moisturising that I have been using it every day since I bought it. I always feel like unfragranced products are a little more 'hardcore': they don't rely on scent, so rightly or wrongly, I always believe that they are going to be hardworking products. After one use of this cream, my skin was silky soft, something which normal moisturisers just don't do for me. This gets a big thumbs up.

Vaseline Pure Petroleum Jelly - £1.59 for 110g

Vaseline is my 'can't live without' product and I use it on my lips multiple times daily and to remove my eye makeup - yes, I am the poster girl for Grease Addiction! I have quite sensitive eyes and even the most gentle eye makeup removers sting, whereas Vaseline sweeps everything away cleanly and without any tears. I counted up and I currently have three pots of this around the house. I suppose it'll come in handy if anyone gets stuck in a doorway...

Maybelline Pure Minerals Foundation - Power: £9.78 or Liquid: £7.99

Having used both the liquid and the powder, I'd say this is a matter of preference as to which you use. The fluid is light and slightly sheer and the powder provides an amazing finish that you can build up with the great little kabuki brush that's included. I found the powder a little messy when I was applying this on the way to work, but then train-based makeup application is never the easiest, so don't be deterred! A great product and a cheap introduction to mineral foundation.

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle - £4.59 for 250ml

One of my all-time favourite hair rescue products. Slap this onto tired length, breathe in the gorgeous scent and rinse to find hair that's revived and hydrated!

Barry M Nail Polishes - £2.59

In my opinion, these nail polishes are amongst the best quality I have come across - I'd put them on a par with OPI, and for the price, they are certainly the best value. They have some great shades and the 3 in 1 base coat, strengthener and top coat is a stand-out product for me. At this price, you can treat yourself to an extra bottle!

I'll add more products as I think of them, as I have to get to work now, but if you haven't tried any of my recommendations, here's the perfect excuse to treat yourself to some bargain beauty! What are your low cost hero products?

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