Body: REN Moroccan Rose Otto range

Moroccan Rose Otto body lotion £26, ultra-moisture body oil £34, and sugar body polish £32
From REN available at www.marksandspencer.com

When it comes to scent, there are few aromas more luxurious, evocative and calming as rose. Alongside its historic association with love, fidelity and romance, it is widely used in aromatherapy to soothe anger, ease anxiety and alleviate depression. You may not find yourself the recipient of a beautiful bouquet of roses as often as you might like, but with REN's Moroccan Rose Otto range in the bathroom, you will be too calm, too pampered and too indulged to notice.

As the name suggests, Moroccan roses are the cornerstone of these products, and REN's famous bath oil (not photographed here) contains the essence of 10,000 petals. Those of you who have experienced a rose garden in the height of summer will recall the feeling of being enveloped in that deep, heady scent and feeling utterly soothed. Imagine adding that fragrance to hot water in a candlelit bathroom and you can only begin to get a sense of the seductive intensity of these products.

The standout for me is the sugar body polish which leaves skin silky smooth and wonderfully scented. This is most definitely not a product for a quick scrub in the shower, but one for those pampering winter ablutions where bathing transcends the functional and becomes almost ritualistic.

Marks & Spencer is offering some fantastic REN gift sets which start from £25 and include all the products in the photo above, as well as a body wash. Clever REN always make it easy for you to try their products before committing to full size purchases, and indeed, to make your travels more luxurious with their decadent minis. It will make the perfect gift for a loved one this Christmas, or as an indulgent treat for those of you who need to zap the stresses of modern life.

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