Style: Winter Boots

I have two superficial wishes in life:

1. That I was still young and foolish enough to bear the pain of commuting in attractive footwear rather than comfy flats/clunky wedge boots

2. That I could afford to take taxis everywhere, thus rendering all footwear choices curb to cab decisions - that distance can be covered in six inch spikes no problem

This frustration comes from having invested in a long, belted, black cashmere coat. It's grown up and the stuff of winter in the city dreams. It's begging to be paired with a slim, equally elegant heel, and yet practicality wins out every time, and I find myself lacing into my trusty little wedges. Worryingly, these past few days have had me checking my reflection and wondering if I'm clomping headlong into goth town. Not the look I was going for. 

A few years ago, I bought these, and was mocked endlessly by the Yorkshireman for referring to them as 'winter boots'. He was clearly expecting something slightly more practical. He was right (as he usually is): weekly trips to the cobblers and aching feet meant they were consigned to the wardrobe for 'occasional wear' pretty sharpish.

So, my question is, what is the perfect boot for this time of year, factoring in the bleak English winter of rain, snow, ice and the ever-present burden that is having to leave the house for work? Do you plump for fashion over functionality, push through the pain for the love of a cute heel, or just forget the elegant commuter ideal and stick with something cosy?

I'd be happy to leave it to the fashion week pros if only it didn't look so good.

Images from http://thefashiontag.wordpress.com/2013/10/09/fur-coats-2014-trend/

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