Beauty: Minimalism

If you're a product junkie, you'll know the feeling of having a multiplicity of products in almost every room. Some things make it to those hallowed spots reserved for products in daily usage - see bathroom shelves and dressing table - while others are left strewn in drawers, wash bags and cupboards, just waiting to be rediscovered. A quick scan of my designated beauty zones (i.e. every room in the house) turns up bottles, jars and tubes for just about every skin and haircare concern: my routine is anything but minimalist.

Despite my accumulated stash product arsenal, I still hold the view that there is untold beauty potential in pharmacies and department stores across the world and my quest to uncover them knows no bounds. I want to try everything, but secretly, I crave a simple, paired back routine of beautifully-packaged products. Oh for a life without clutter and a bathroom shelf that looked this chic.

Clockwise from top left: Parsley Seed Mask £27 by Aesop, Mustard Soak £8 by Fig & Yarrow, Ocean Mist £18 by Sachajuan, High Potency Eye Lift £78 by Perricone MD, Nourishing Repairing Mask £16.94 by NOUNOU


  1. I feel the struggle! ! Trying really hard to pare down everything to things I truly love only

  2. Cool post. Great product photos - DC


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