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My quest for long hair came to a screeching halt at around 7pm on Friday when hair that fell past my shoulders was chopped into a jaw length bob, which notably, embraces my natural curl. I have been a life-long straightener, so this feels new, but I'm happy to say I'm no long phased by the rain: it's become something of an on-the-go styling product. Hurrah for being content outside in anything above 1% humidity.

My desire for long hair is never outweighed by my pursuit of soft, healthy locks, and the products I'm currently using were selected to get as much nourishment into it as possible. Amazingly, they're all from the same brand: Phyto. Plant-based, mostly silicone-free, and crucially, effective; it's pretty much the answer to my hair prayers.

Here's what I'm currently using:

Phytolisse shampoo £11.50, Phytophanere supplements £33.00, Phytokeratine thermal protectant spray £16.50, Phyto 9 day cream £14.50, Subtil Elixir £24.50 and Phytodefrisant straightening balm £14.50
From Phyto available at www.johnlewis.com

The standout products for me are Subtil Elixir and Phytodefrisant. The latter has achieved cult status with those of us 'blessed' with coarse, thick hair and it's managed to significantly tame my frizz, even if damp weather. It promises straighter hair with frequent use, and although it hasn't unraveled my curls, it has made them much more defined and manageable. Always a winner in my book.

Subtil Elixir (for dry and ultra dry hair) has been a revelation to me, and has filled the enormous hole left by the discontinued Phytonectar. This pre-shampoo treatment is a blend of camelia, corn germ, karanja and egg yolk oils (it is all about egg yolk when it comes to healthy hair) which regenerate and nourish the hair fibre. Camelia is a particularly light oil, so this isn't the kind of oil treatment that requires several shampoos to remove it all. 

I'll be reviewing the other products photographed above soon, and in the interim, I'd love to know your Phyto favourites.

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